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Go virtually anywhere, with Virtual Labs on mobile.

Corn Mold Test Mycotoxins on iOS
Mold on corn can produce toxins that make people sick. Test for the presence of these toxins in this virtual lab.
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Bacteria Sampling on iOS
Test milk samples for bacteria, then visit a dairy processing plant in this virtual lab.
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Gram Staining on iOS
In the yogurt section of the dairy processing plant, test a batch for contamination in this virtual lab.
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Using the Microscope on iOS
Look at gram-stained yogurt samples with the help of a microscope in this virtual lab
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The pH Scale & Meter Calibration on iOS
Learn how food scientists use the pH scale in this virtual lab.
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Testing and Adjusting pH on iOS
Look at pH from a different perspective, through salsa, in this virtual lab.
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Understanding Water Activity on iOS
That is water activity, and how does it affect food spoilage? Explore how microbes and reactions inside food rely on water, then calibrate a lab water activity meter.
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Controlling Water Activity in Food on iOS
Learn how controlling water activity keeps food from spoiling, and test dried corn before and after storage, using proper laboratory methods.
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